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Take advantage of the best opportunity of your life!

There are over 170 million Internet users and 75% of them live in North America. You can't pass up that kind of exposure, no matter what type of business you own.

You need to be on the Internet and I can take care of that for you, start to finish. Unfamiliar with the Internet? Relax, I can explain it all and take care of everything.

Your website is a reflection of your business.

If your site is unprofessional and your message unclear, they'll think your business is as well. I will give you personalized attention and customize your site to appropriately reflect you and your business.

Get hassle-free, personalized service.

I specialize in web design for small to medium sized business. I'll create a website for you that is:Get affordable web design with SolidWord.

  • affordable
  • professional
  • effective
  • functional

I can create a site for you from start to finish, or give new life to an existing website.

Get started now, there are over 2 billion websites already on the Internet.


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