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I charge a straight
$40 per hour for any work I do. There are no hidden fees or surprise costs. I bill in half-hour increments.

You can pay by check, or PayPal. With PayPal you can use any credit card, you don't need an account with them and it's free for you.

New to the Internet? Is this your first website? I'll make it easy for you.
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I will do everything I can to make setting up your website fast and easy for you.

I do it all, from start to finish so you won't have to do a thing.

I've listed the services I use, if you have a service you prefer, I'll happily work with that.

Or maybe you just know a little bit about it, I'll take care of everything start to finish and teach you what you need to know.

I am committed to running a legal and highly ethical business. I am a Christian and answer to a higher source.

I do not offer my services to sites directly or indirectly involved in gambling, pornography, any immoral practices, or anything that is destructive to families.



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Domain Name Registration
This cost about
$9 a year for one name.

I will help you determine a name, research it and register it for you. Whatever you need.

Web Hosting
I use
BeHosting or LinkSky, both start at about $5 a month, or a little less with an upfront annual purchase. They may charge a one-time setup fee, depending on the package you choose.

Their basic package offers several email accounts and reasonable storage for a small to medium sized business.

Website Design, Implementation
I'll design a website from one page to however many pages you need. The initial design and home page take longer, additional pages go much faster once the design is set.

How many pages you need depends upon the type of site you want.

If you strictly want to make your contact information available, you may need only one page.

If you want an informational site, or you're selling a service without a product, you may need only 3 to 5 pages.

If you have a larger company, but are still only informational, such as a church, you may need 10-12 pages.

If you're selling products, you'll need a shopping cart and more pages, depending on how many categories and items you have.

Shopping Carts
I will setup and populate an e-commerce shopping cart for you. I use
Mal's, which is a free service for their basic cart, or you can purchase options they provide. They are a safe and efficient service.

Graphics and Logos
I design graphics and logos, which you can own outright.

I purchase professional images from
Comstock or Corbis. Prices for royalty-free (other people can use it too) pictures, run about $90. These can add a very professional touch to your site.

I am committed to running a legal and ethical business and will not use copywrited items without proper permission.

Online Magazine, Client Mailings
Many businesses like to provide tips, information, or just keep in touch with their clients. It's a great marketing tool when you offer a weekly/monthly newsletter. These are called E-Zines.

I can create a page where your customers have the ability to sign up for your "magazine", I can setup the service for you and manage it. I use Ezine Director, which is a free service for up to 249 emails addresses.

Tracking and Usage Reports
If you want to get a handle on who is visiting your site, which pages their viewing, when they access or site, how long they stay and other statistical information, I use
Sitemeter. They offer a basic, free service, or you can pay for an upgraded service.

You will want your site to remain fresh and you can expect to have changes. Whether it's on a regular basis as with calendar items, or just as things come up, I'm happy to make the changes for you.

Optimizing is how your website gets to the top of the list when someone searches for you from a search engine.

This is a complex process that is constantly changing, so most designers avoid it. I will incorporate basic optimization as part of your design.

If you would like a professional to maximize your optimization, I use ClearTraffic. This is an initial cost of at least $400 and should be considered as an investment investment in your business.


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